RELEASE connects world leading experts in the relevant scientific disciplines at 7 universities and at 4 universities of applied science, in industry, and in government.

Leadership team

Scientific team

Research Line 1

P.E. (Petra) de Jongh, prof.dr.

Utrecht University, Professor

RL1 leader

M. (Marc) Koper, prof.dr.

Leiden University, Professor

D.C. (Kitty) Nijmeijer,

Eindhoven University of Technology, Professor

P. (Peter) Ngene, dr.

Utrecht University, Assistant professor

P. (Peter) Thüne, dr.

Fontys / Differ, Lector

M. (Maaike) van Ittersum, drs.

Universiteit Utrecht

PhD researcher

O. (Onno) van der Heijden, drs.

Universiteit Leiden

PhD researcher

M. (Matt) Peerlings, drs.

Utrecht University

PhD researcher

W. (Woutje) ter Weel, drs.

Eindhoven university of technology

PhD researcher

V. (Valerio) Gulino, dr.

Utrecht University

postdoctoral researcher

Research Line 2

Research Line 3

Research Line 4

Research Line 5

Program Office


The partners cover all links in the innovation chain at all system levels. They represent world-class companies in their respective fields and front runners in the area of large-scale energy storage. The partners also include the relevant public and semi-private companies and stakeholders, who are crucial stakeholders in understanding, changing and regulating the energy market. Rules and regulations are laid down by NWO:

Grant Rules

Advisory board

The Advisory Board consisting of leading representatives of topsector and branche organisations.